Liars Contest

The Sixth Annual Liars Contest, Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Pinocchio_1940An evening of Tall Tales, Exaggerated Real-Life Stories and Outright Lies! With actual cash prizes!

Liars' contest graphic

Anyone can tell a tall tale!

Come judge for yourself who is the best in the liars contest.

From 7:00 to 9:00ish pm, at the Port Angeles Library, Raymond Carver Room, 2210 South Peabody St., Port Angeles, WA

Admission $10/person ($8 for members of the Story People).

To register as a teller, email Ingrid: No previous experience is necessary.


  • No reading of stories, all must be told without reference to written text.
  • All stories must be suitable for family audiences, no profanity or off-color content.
  • Stories are limited to a maximum of 7 minutes (there will be a timer with a hook!)
  • Actual cash prizes! 1st place: $100; 2nd place $50; and 3rd place $25; plus “Incredible” trophies will be awarded by decision of the judges. Points are awarded for creativity, quality of delivery, stage presence, and audience response.