Norm Brecke, Feb. 21, 2017

Spaghetti Squids & Zombie Arms!

From kitchen disasters to pranks gone wrong, Norm tells a lively mix of personal and traditional tales about fooling the ones we love…including ourselves!  He’ll have you laughing and shaking your head, not to mention tapping your foot along with the songs he’ll sing.Norm Brecke with banjo

Norm’s music, zeal, and humor add to any occasion. When Norm tells … people listen, and often join in. Norm specializes in folktales he spices to make unique. His personal stories reflect his Northwest roots. Norm often brings music to his stories, accompanying himself — on guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin or mouth harp!

Norm Brecke is a spirited storyteller who revels in telling a good story. He officially started telling stories to people in the Fall of 2002 and told daily in his classroom when he was an elementary school teacher. Norm has told stories all over the west from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, CA. His career highlights have been as featured storyteller at the Powellswood Garden Storytelling Festival, Seattle Art Museum, the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim, CA, and narrated with the Seattle Symphony. In April, Norm will be a featured teller at the “Art of the Story” in Washington County, Oregon. He will be a “New Voice” at the Stone Soup Storytelling Festival in South Carolina later in April. He will be performing his “The Lighter Side of Lincoln” as part of the “Fringe” at the National Storytelling Conference in Kansas City in early July.  Later that month, he and his wife, Anne Rutherford, will once again be doing music for the Powellswood Storytelling Festival in Federal Way. We are fortunate to have him right here in Port Angeles!


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