Meaningful Personal Stories

Workshop on crafting meaningful personal stories

Everyone’s life is a gold mine of meaningful stories. But what makes a story interesting to others? The process of reflection helps us to better understand the deeper meaning of our stories and tell them in such a way as to reveal their underlying themes. Through reflection, simple anecdotes can become powerful transformational stories.

You know those events that stick in your memory? You want to tell the story, but it just seems like a simple anecdote with no particular point? Would you love to find the elusive key, the universal meaning that would make it speak to others as a powerful story? Then you would like this workshop with Michael Yeager!

Mike will expertly guide participants through the process of discovering the deeper meaning behind a personal memory. Mike Yeager, cropped

Mike is a retired therapist, and a writer. For years he has worked to adapt the phenomenological method developed by Edmund Husserl to help people reflect on their lives for healing and greater self awareness.

Using this method, you will find the heart of your remembered event. Its personal meaning will emerge naturally from the details. You will discover the role that the event had in making you into the person you now are. You will learn to craft meaningful and moving stories from your life experiences.

This workshop will be highly participatory. You can expect:

  • to work on several personal stories along with the other participants
  • to discover basic themes that run throughout all your stories
  • to develop the essential elements of the beginning, middle, and end of a personal story
  • to understand the reflective process and be able to use it as the ground work for all personal storytelling
  • to take home the rough outline of a story which you can continue to work on polishing


Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014.

Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Location: Greenwood, 113 S. Eunice St., Port Angeles.

Cost: $45.

How to register: Contact Erran Sharpe at 360-460-6594

Limit: 10 participants.

What to bring: Notebook and pen; sack lunch.



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