Liars Contest 2015 – Results

2015 Liars Contest Results

Liars contest winners 2015The Story People of Clallam County would like to announce the winners of our 4th annual Liars Contest that was held June 6th at the Port Angeles Community Theatre.

The tall tales and exaggerated stories were judged on creativity, quality of delivery, stage presence and especially audience response. The judges who included:

Dennis Duncan – a well -known Port Angeles Storyteller

Bob Gratton – owner of Bushwackers Restaurant

Robert Nicholls –owner of White Crane Martial Arts

had a difficult time deciding who would win the top three prizes, but decide they did:

  • Anne Rutherford from Portland, Oregon won 1st prize (an engraved “bunch of bologna Slicer” and $100) for her story about fishing with her grandmother. As a small child Anne caught a huge trout, but when she tried landing it, first a mountain goat, then a bear and finally a big black and yellow camp robber bird stole the fish. Anne and her grandmother chased down the thieves and rescued their fish.
  • Ingrid Nixon from Port Angels won 2nd prize (a recycled trophy and $50) for her story about how a pea stuck up the nose of her playmate resulted in extraordinary intelligence.
  • Robert Nuffer from Port Angels won 3rd prize (a recycled trophy and $25) for his story about a Dachshund/ pit-bull dog that becomes a master spy, learns to talk, read and play poker.

There were 8 other tellers this year: Azella from Sequim, Joy Beaver from Sequim, Norm Brecke from Renton, Pat Ferris from Port Angeles, Rebecca Hom from Olympia, John Joseph from Port Angeles, Margaret Lott from Olympia and Milton Patrie from Port Angeles. Cherie Trebon was the Master of Ceremony.

If you missed The 2015 Liars Contest join in the fun at the 2016 event.


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