Dennis Duncan’s 80th Birthday Recognized in Schools


Dennis Duncan, Story Ambassador to Public Schools Celebrates 80th Birthday and 20 Years of Telling to Children

Dennis Duncan is a beloved storyteller in the public schools. For 20 years he has been going in to elementary school classrooms in Port Angeles, telling stories to kids every week. Kids sit in rapt attention for Dennis’ renditions of fairy tales and folktales. They hug him when he leaves, and they tell him stories of their lives.

When it was Dennis’ birthday recently, the kids were eager to give him a song and handmade cards in gratitude for all he has given them. Here is the photo from the Peninsula Daily News.

Dennis Duncan with students at Roosevelt School.

Dennis Duncan with students at Roosevelt School.


I am proud that we have Dennis as a representative of storytellers. And I am glad that he is giving children in our community the gift of story. Especially because he gives the stories with such love for the children. May he tell stories for many more years and birthdays to come!




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