Anne Rutherford, May 17, 2016

Portland storyteller will rock the story swap!

Anne RutherfordAward-winning professional storyteller (and champion liar) Anne Rutherford travels the Pacific NW and beyond, regaling audiences with story, song and the unexpected knock-knock joke. Find more at
Anne’s storytelling is always stunning, high energy but easy to listen to. If you missed her at the Celtic Concert, this is your chance to catch her again in Port Angeles.

Her program:

Tales Tall & True: Enjoy a mix of entertaining stories that prove real life can be stranger than fiction. Anne spins some personal stories, tall tales and a Pacific NW ghost story or two; plus some songs that will have you humming or singing along!


Location and other details can be found on our Story Swap page.


Pat Peterson double-header, Saturday May 21, 2016: 1) MC Workshop, and 2) Story Concert

Afternoon Workshop: WHO, ME? EMCEE?!

Pat Peterson fullPerhaps you have been asked to introduce a teller at a storytelling concert or a speaker at a civic function. Was your immediate reaction, “Oh no, not me. Ask someone else!”? If so, you are denying yourself a chance to help shape the event and make a difference for the audience and presenter. Above all else, it can be wonderfully fun.

Pat Peterson has emceed the Forest Storytelling Festival over 20 years. In addition, she has emceed numerous storytelling events in the Pacific Northwest. Sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat aren’t only the property of the performer. Anxiety can surface when asked to introduce a teller or speaker, be they an acquaintance or total stranger. There are many tips and techniques that she has learned over the years and she is more than willing to share them with you.

Pat believes that emceeing is like inviting people—lots of people—into her home, but she doesn’t have to clean. Creating a welcoming environment for both the teller and audience is key. Moving the program along and thanking people for attending is part of the emcee’s job. Preparation is key to success for everyone involved. This workshop will give attendees a chance to practice introductions as well as other aspects of emceeing, including:

  • What to do when the unexpected happens?
  • How to manage all those announcements?
  • How to shape a program?

After this workshop, the next time someone asks, “Who wants to emcee?”, you will say, “ME!”.

Time: 1 to 3:30 p.m., Saturday, May 21, 2016

Location: Home of Pat Ferris, downtown Port Angeles

Call to register & for driving info: 360-417-5031

Cost: $25 Story People members / $30 all others

Minimum number of 8 participants needed.

Evening House Concert: ONCE UPON A TIME . . . AGAIN!

Storyteller Pat Peterson has been sharing tales with listeners for over 35 years. There are some she has told often and some that have had a chance to be heard only a few times. Storytellers do have favorite tales. This house concert is a chance for Pat to choose the stories that have delighted audiences in the past.

Like that favorite book you read years ago and want to re-visit, Pat wants to share stories that have special meaning in her telling history. There will be personal stories of holidays, growing up, love and road trips. Folktales from a variety of cultures are a part of her repertoire and she delights in those with a twist.

Pat’s favorite story, The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate, will close out the evening. With the sea right outside the door, it will be a perfect ending. She hopes the stories will be a treat for your ears to accompany the sweets provided by hostess, Cherie Trebon.

Time: 7 to 9 p.m., Saturday, May 21, 2016

Location: Home of Cherie Trebon, 2330 Place Road

Admission: $10.00 per person (free to workshop participants), includes dessert.

Info and reservations: 360-417-5031

Reservations Required. Space Limited to 30. A portion of the concert door receipts will be donated to The Story People of Clallam County to benefit the Forest Storytelling Festival. (Thank you!)


Gideon F. For-mukwai featured at story swap – April 19th, 2016

GideonFor-mukwaiGideon F. For-mukwai will speak at the monthly story swap of the Story People of Clallam County. It gives Gideon great pleasure to share with other heart-centered people who have a burning desire to tell authentic stories about their personal trials and triumphs in life. His storytelling is steeped in contemporary Africa and Asia. His book Facing Adversity with Audacity draws on local wisdom from his native Cameroon to tell a universal story. His story illuminates a mind in tune with the heart. Its stories, strategies, and metaphors provide wisdom relevant to any society and explicitly remind readers that although our circumstances may be different, the strategies to overcome challenges are the same.

The story swap will be held in the Raymond Carver room of the Port Angeles library, 2210 S. Peabody St., from 7:00 to 9:00pm, Tuesday, April 19th, 2016. There is no charge to attend.

Following Gideon’s presentation, there will be a short intermission, followed by an open mic for audience members to tell stories.

Gideon thrives on telling emotionally engaging, educational, inspiring and humorously entertaining stories from his journey. He speaks with what he calls a “goofy Bantu accent.” He has spoken in 21 US States; this will be his first appearance in Washington State.

Gideon has used storytelling to build his business and to win speaking awards in Asia and America. He has used his Story DNA Method to teach business storytelling to over 17,200 executives in 18 countries worldwide. His recent book, The Science of Story Selling became an Amazon #1 Bestseller last summer. He states, “storytelling is by far the best audience-engagement skill I have ever learned. It comes packed with poetry, humor, improv and any literary tool that you can embed into a story through a character. None of the other literary genres give you these many options for expression of an idea or persuasion.”

Gideon adds, “I love storytelling as a strategic business tool. My book captures the underlying science of story; so that you can craft business stories that attract customers, energize your employees, and deepen your connection with new prospects. I wrote this book to encourage, nudge and empower entrepreneurs, teachers and leaders to express complex ideas in ways that are simple to grasp. Why is that important? It is important to win hearts and minds because this makes you remarkable and memorable.”

Gideon’s work is inspired by recent research from neuroscience, neuroeconomics and psychology. His book offers tools, templates and techniques you can use easily.  It helps speakers to connect, persuade and uplift those they serve. Gideon says the book contains practical tools for daily implementation, so even a beginner can gain mastery based on a series of daily story work-outs that last one full month.


James the Obscure, March 2016

DSC00372A storyteller for decades, James inhabits the name and character James The Obscure as a storyteller. He has a “deep respect for ancient tales, the old stories which show us the values and customs of the people who are long gone. The ancient tales connect us to deep magic and skin-changing, and to the magic of the power of the words.” He is a past president of the Story People.

He will be accompanied by Jessadriel Darkmountain. Listen: a song by the river… Listen: a harp playing in the forest… Listen: a fiddle on the windy hill… Listen: a penny-whistle far out on the Spit, where the seals come close to hear… I’m not the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper is pied: he’s a multi-colored fellow, half in red and half in yellow. I’m the Piper in the Green, not so easy to be seen in my natural habitat. But sometimes I come in from the Wild to accompany the stories of Master James the Obscure. Listen….


Stories Of Love, Feb. 16, 2016 Story Swap

Bring your favorite Love StoryLove Stories

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, we will devote the February story swap to stories of love.

There will be no featured teller, the entire evening is OPEN MIC. So, step up, prepare a story, we need lots of people to tell. There are all kinds of love, and all kinds of stories of love… Let your imagination run!

Story swap details are on this page.

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.


Storytelling Workshops Start January 5th with Cherie Trebon!

Workshops to help you learn to tell stories well

The Story People are proud to announce our new storytelling workshop series designed to help new and experienced tellers alike. We will offer one workshop from 6:00 – 9:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month from January through April.

If you want to learn and practice storytelling for whatever reason — to tell stories to family members, friends, in the work environment, or at storytelling venues — now is your chance to learn everything from the basics to more advanced skills. Workshops will be friendly and supportive. They are taught by experienced storytellers from the Story People. Workshops are supported by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.

Series enrollment: Story People Members $80 / Non-members $100

Single workshop: Story People Members $25 / Non-members $30

January 5, 2016: Who Me, a Storyteller?! Part 1. Led by Cherie Trebon

February 1, 2016: Part 2.

Cherie Trebon is the featured teller for the November 2012 story swap at the North Olympic Library Raymond Carver Rm. in Port Angeles.

Cherie Trebon has taught beginning and intermediate storytelling in Seattle and Port Angeles for many years.

Sweaty palms? Butterflies in the stomach? Cat got your tongue? Reconnect to an ancient art form of storytelling and learn to express yourself verbally with power and sensitivity while increasing your confidence. Add vitality to public speaking, performing, teaching, and conversation by utilizing storytelling skills. This fun, non-threatening interactive workshop guides participants through a series of exercises designed to loosen the inhibitions and stimulate creativity. Students will be telling stories before the first workshop is finished.

This is an excellent place to start if you are a newcomer to storytelling.

This is a two part workshop; January is prerequisite for February.

See our workshop page for information about all workshops, and for registration.

WA Arts Comm



Ingrid Nixon – Around The World In Seven Stories

An evening of traditional, historical and personal
stories – one story from each continent


Storyteller Ingrid Nixon has worked in expedition travel for almost 30 years. She’s visited all seven continents, including more than 25 times to the Antarctic. She also served as head naturalist at Denali and Mount Rainier national parks. She’s twice been a featured teller at the Forest Storytelling Festival. She performs throughout the Pacific Northwest & beyond.

7 p.m. ~ Wednesday, December 2
Raymond Carver Room, Port Angeles Main Library

Donate to win! Bring 3 non-perishable food items to donate to the food bank and get your name entered into a drawing for a copy of Ingrid’s new CD: Grimm’s with a Twist!


Allison Cox – “The Princess In Disguise”

Epic Romanian Tale With a Contemporary Message

November 17th, 2015 Story Swap

Allison Cox 2015When she came upon the story of THE PRINCESS IN DISGUISE – Allison knew this was a epic story that needed to be shared!  Meet an aging king, wizards, a witchy giantess, a genie, cursing monks, talking horses, an evil emperor… and a brave princess who disguises herself as a prince to save her father’s kingdom, only to fall in love with the fairest woman of all! This ancient Romanian folk tale underlines current issues of our day and illustrates that no matter what shape you were born in, love and determination can conquer all.

Allison Cox has been performing as a freelance storyteller for over 33 years. Threads of social justice and understanding differences are often woven through her tales. She has shared stories and workshops in Scandinavia, New Zealand, across Canada and the USA. Allison edited and contributed to THE HEALING HEART books. She is a co-founder and the current coordinator of the Healing Story Alliance and co-editor of their E-journal, Diving In The Moon. Allison lives on Vashon Island with her four-legged and two legged family where she gardens and gains inspiration for the next tale to tell.

For more information about times and location, click here.


Daryl Trowbridge, Ventriloquist Storyteller

Local Storyteller, Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daryl Trowbridge &OreoDaryl Trowbridge is a husband, father, (brand new) grandfather, artist, writer, and ventriloquist storyteller. He began telling stories with puppets fifteen years ago. Daryl was inspired to combine his love of puppets with his talent for voices and accents and a new chapter in his life began. With his growing cast of friends Daryl has been delighting audiences, young and old, ever since. Daryl has puppets that rhyme (and rap), puppets that sing, puppets who are loud, puppets who are athletic, and more—each with their own unique voices and personalities. His passion is using puppets to share stories from the Bible that enhance an individual’s faith walk. He tells to audiences of all ages;  and uses his puppets to teach school children about friendship, bullying, and acceptance.

For more information about times and location, click here.


2015 Forest Storytelling Festival registration now available

Registration / Tickets now on sale for this year’s festival

TicketsFor the first time, we are offering online registration for the Forest Storytelling Festival. You can also join our organization as a member, or renew your membership with your online registration to get a members’ discount on a full festival pass. Our registration page also has a link to download a paper registration form, which you can send in with a check if you prefer that method. In either event, we will have your tickets for you at the door. Please be sure to include your email address so we can confirm your purchase.

Register Online

We have a great line-up of featured and local tellers

All festival details are available on our website. Featured tellers’ bios, workshops, accommodations.