Board Members and Volunteers Needed

The Story People events are run entirely by volunteers

We need board membersyou-can-help


Someone who can:

  • Attend board meetings (once a month, or every other month, it varies) and take minutes
  • Organize computer files of documents

Volunteer Coordinator

Someone who has good people skills, and good organizational skills. Who can solicit volunteers (particular for the storytelling festival), fit volunteers into jobs they like, make the volunteers feel appreciated for the contributions and their time and energy.

We need volunteers for specific projects, who do not need to be board members

Raffle Assistant

Someone who would help the raffle chair with selling raffle tickets, and getting volunteers to sell tickets. The raffle raises over $1,000 annually to support the costs of the Forest Storytelling Festival. If interested this person could train to take over as chair next year.

Silent Auction Assistant

Assist in all aspects of the silent auction at the storytelling festival. This person would work with the silent auction chairperson to inventory all donations, set prices, display the auction items attractively, record the bids, collect bids, distribute the items that are sold. The silent auction brings in over $2,000 annually to support the costs of the Forest Storytelling Festival.

Contact Erran Sharpe (360-460-6594) or Chris Wright (360-452-8092) if you are interested in any of these positions, or if you have other skills you would like to contribute to the Story People.


Norm Brecke, Feb. 21, 2017

Spaghetti Squids & Zombie Arms!

From kitchen disasters to pranks gone wrong, Norm tells a lively mix of personal and traditional tales about fooling the ones we love…including ourselves!  He’ll have you laughing and shaking your head, not to mention tapping your foot along with the songs he’ll sing.Norm Brecke with banjo

Norm’s music, zeal, and humor add to any occasion. When Norm tells … people listen, and often join in. Norm specializes in folktales he spices to make unique. His personal stories reflect his Northwest roots. Norm often brings music to his stories, accompanying himself — on guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin or mouth harp!

Norm Brecke is a spirited storyteller who revels in telling a good story. He officially started telling stories to people in the Fall of 2002 and told daily in his classroom when he was an elementary school teacher. Norm has told stories all over the west from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles, CA. His career highlights have been as featured storyteller at the Powellswood Garden Storytelling Festival, Seattle Art Museum, the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim, CA, and narrated with the Seattle Symphony. In April, Norm will be a featured teller at the “Art of the Story” in Washington County, Oregon. He will be a “New Voice” at the Stone Soup Storytelling Festival in South Carolina later in April. He will be performing his “The Lighter Side of Lincoln” as part of the “Fringe” at the National Storytelling Conference in Kansas City in early July.  Later that month, he and his wife, Anne Rutherford, will once again be doing music for the Powellswood Storytelling Festival in Federal Way. We are fortunate to have him right here in Port Angeles!


Trio of Tellers, January 17, 2017

Colleen Squier, Dana Casey and Erran Sharpe all love to take the stage to tell a good story. They will share some of their favorite stories on Tuesday, January 17, at 7 p.m. at the monthly gathering of the Story People of Clallam County at the Port Angeles Main Library.

Colleen Squier Storyteller-75

Colleen Squier.

Dana Casey

Dana Casey

Erran Sharpe

Erran Sharpe

The three storytellers will present a diverse program as they share the featured teller role. Casey says, “I am telling the story of an unforgettable character my husband and I met in Texas. I just call it ‘John.’” Squier says, “I have a great ghost story to tell.” Sharpe has a folk tale from Africa that he will tell and accompany with traditional African drumming. “This old story from Africa has surprising similarities to our current society where we have to learn to relate to others who oppose us” he reports.

All three tellers live in Port Angeles and have performed at a variety of events, including opening tellers at the Forest Storytelling Festival, Seattle’s Folklife Festival, the Story People’s Liars Contest, schools, church gatherings, and bookstores.

This free event is held in the Raymond Carver Room at the library, located at 2210 S. Peabody Street in Port Angeles. Casey, Squier and Sharpe will perform for about an hour. After a short break with refreshments, the Story People host an open mic until 9 p.m. for all wishing to tell a brief story without reading or notes.


December 20, 2016 Story Swap — Winter and Holiday Tales

December Story Swap is ALL Open Mic30825-sun-winter-snow-mountain-ice-icicle-photocase-stock-photo-large

Rather than have a featured teller this month, we have an extended open mic evening. EVERYONE who wants to tell a story should get an opportunity! Our theme is winter and holiday stories. Bring us your favorites, your winter experiences, memories of holidays past, or any story that you feel appropriate for this theme.

Potluck — Finger Food First, Desserts LaterChristmas gingerbread stars

We will have extra time to socialize — starting at 6:30 we will have a finger food potluck. Sometimes our story swaps are so tightly scheduled that there isn’t enough time to visit with everyone. So we’ll have a half hour to mingle and munch before we begin telling stories. At 7:00 we’ll have stories; then a break around 8:00 for desserts and more visiting; then more stories until we are finished.


Pat Peterson, November 15, 2016

Folktales and a WWII Love StoryPat Peterson full

“Don’t let my bun and bifocals fool you!” Pat Peterson warns listeners, before regaling them with stories with twist. The Seattle and Port Angeles based storyteller loves a good road trip with the opportunity to see new places and meet new people. Peterson will share traditional folktales and a WWII love story, enriched with details from her travels. Her performance is on Tuesday, November 15, at 7 p.m. at the monthly gathering of the Story People of Clallam County at the Port Angeles Main Library. A location map and more information about our story swaps can be found by clicking here.

Based in Seattle, Peterson performs around the Pacific Northwest, including as the beloved MC of the Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles for 22 years.


Festival is ON! The weather is fine(ish)

Don’t listen to doomsayer weather predictionsFestival banner, cropped

Last night’s predicted 60 mph winds did not amount to even a whisper in Port Angeles. The festival is a go. (We will have some backup systems in place, in case we should be so fortunate as to have a power outage.) Sure, the skies are gray, and there’s a little rain here and there, but not much. Come, cozy up for a wonderful weekend of stories with our renowned tellers from far and wide.



Tobey Ishii-Anderson, Sept. 20, 2016

Stories “achi kochi” from Asia and Europetobey-ishii-anderson

“Be careful of what you say, that one has big ears!” Tobey Ishii-Anderson’s aunties would say of her as a child. Now an accomplished storyteller, Anderson will share some of the stories she overheard. Her program will be on Tuesday, September 20, at 7 p.m. at the monthly gathering of the Story People of Clallam County at the Port Angeles Main Library.

Ishii-Anderson’s program will be “achi kochi,” Japanese meaning “here and there”. She will be sharing folk tales and experiences from living in Asia and Europe as a teacher and Peace Corps volunteer. Other stories Ishii-Anderson heard from her Japanese grandmother.

Based in Olympia, she performs around the Pacific Northwest, including as an opening teller at the Forest Storytelling Festival in 2015. She is also an award-winning liar, taking third in the Story People’s Liars Contest earlier this year.

This free event is held in the Raymond Carver Room at the library, located at 2210 S. Peabody Street in Port Angeles. Ishii-Anderson will perform for about an hour. After a short break with refreshments, the Story People host an open mic until 9 p.m. for all wishing to tell a brief story without reading or notes.

Story Swap Theme: “Peace”

As September 21 is the International Day of Peace, stories about peace are encouraged at the open mic story swap.


2016 Forest Storytelling Festival registration is now open

Registration / Tickets now on sale for this year’s festival

TicketsOnline and mail-in registration are now available for the Forest Storytelling Festival. You can also join our organization as a member, or renew your membership with your online registration to get a members’ discount on a full festival pass. Our registration page also has a link to download a paper registration form, which you can send in with a check if you prefer that method. In either event, we will have your tickets for you at the door. Please be sure to include your email address so we can confirm your purchase.


We have a great line-up of featured and local tellers

All festival details are available on our website. Featured tellers’ bios, pre-festival workshop, festival workshops, accommodations.


Mike James, June 21, 2016

Mike & Guitar 017Our next Story Swap will be June 21 at 7 p.m. in the Raymond Carver Room of the Port  Angeles Main Library. Our featured performer will be Mike James, a retired educator who lives with his wife in Port Townsend. He grew up in Michigan and moved to the Seattle in 1983. He became involved in the Northwest music scene, performing in numerous festivals and other venues. He and his wife have completed several recording projects that include songs for children, jazz, folk, and maritime music. He organizes the sea shanty and maritime song circle in Port Townsend.

His program will consist of stories and songs.  Mike says, “The stories will convey my belief that we all have value and deserve to have our voices and ideas heard regardless of how we look or sound.  This was a theme that was at the core of my 40+ years as an educator.  The stories will come from the writings of Richard Chase and others.  The music will follow stages in a person’s road toward maturity, freedom, and perspective on history.”

An open mic story swap will follow.


5th Annual Liars Contest, Saturday June 4, 2016

Pinocchio_1940Storytellers compete before a panel of highly qualified judges to tell the tallest tale, most exaggerated personal story, or outright whopper! The winner will get $100. $50 for 2nd place. $25 for third. Come early for good seats and be prepared to laugh. $10 adults. $8 Story People members. $5 under 16. Information for contestants, and more at: Liars Contest.

This good-natured event takes place at the Port Angeles Library’s Raymond Carver room, from 7:00pm to 9:00ish. Bring your friends and family.