Avery Hill, June 20, 2017

Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album

Avery HillFamily legend has it you could hear Avery Hill singing and telling before she even came out. Since then, she has taken a winding road toward her present work in performance and education, all the while developing her singular style of storytelling and songwriting by integrating stories of the past into her observations of life today.

This performance, titled Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album will dwell on the theme of family – specifically, how one’s family history impacts our personal histories in progress, the decisions we make, and the meaning we find in our own lives. In both song and story, Avery Hill spans the scope of history, from a 1920 road trip on through Kansas to a 2006 funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, from the decision to say “yes” in 19th century Missouri to the decision to say “no” in 20th century Germany. In the backdrop, the steady question remains: Not where, but who are you from? How does understanding our ancestors’ lives help us make sense of our own?

The story swap at the Port Angeles library is free to all. Avery will tell during the first hour. Then after a short break for refreshments we will have an open mike session for anyone who has a story to tell. More details about story swaps on this page: Story Swaps.


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