Alice and Dunbar Susong – Sept. 19, 2017

Stories and Songs of Whales

To start our fall story swap season, we are delighted to have Alice and Dunbar Susong as our featured tellers. Alice has been telling stories since her children were younger than her grandchildren are now, starting in a tent while camping in Yellowstone Park. For the last 17 years she has been telling stories about “Life With Ranger Dunbar” in our schools and national parks.

Dunbar has been delighting listeners with his rich singing voice for a very long time. He can get a room full of people dancing when he picks up the microphone to call a singing square dance. He will often take a well known tune and create new lyrics to suit the occasion.

Alice will tell a story that took place in Antarctica, and Dunbar will contribute songs that touch on whaling.

After the featured tellers, there will be a short break for refreshments, followed by an open mic session for audience members to tell a story.

Other details about the story swap can be found on our story swap page.


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